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PANI & University of Ulster Student Workshops – 2012

Once again, the PANI & University of Ulster student advertising workshops have helped create some fantastic work to raise awareness and drum up much needed support for a local charity. This year’s brief was set by Habitat for Humanity NI, who needed to encourage people of all ages to volunteer to help build homes and create a better future for local communities. Needless to say, the standard of work produced by all the teams was exceptional and this was echoed by Jenny Williams, Chief Executive for Habitat for Humanity Northern Ireland, who said:

“Being involved with the PANI workshops has been a privilege, giving us a unique opportunity to engage directly with creative and talented University of Ulster students. It has been wonderful to work in partnership with the dedicated team from PANI, the University and the mentoring agencies.
We cannot commend the students highly enough, every team brought fresh thinking and new ideas to the table. We so much appreciated their commitment to understand our work and the depth of the research they undertook. The finished proposals demonstrated a wealth of talent that will provide a firm foundation for their future careers. Although there could only be one winner all the teams can be immensely proud of what they achieved, they are a credit to the university and themselves.”

The 2012 PANI & University of Ulster student workshops were won by the proud team below, mentored by Mammoth. Clare Bethell, one of the students on the winning team had this to say about her experience:

“I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in this years PANI student workshop, and I feel it was a valuable learning experience, gaining insight into what it is like to work in an agency and take part in a live campaign. It was also really good to work in a team with others, and for us all to combine our strengths.”

2012 Student Workshop winners – mentored by Mammoth

[L-R - Orlaigh McIntyre, Mammoth, Jodie Young, Mammoth, Craig King, Student, Aine Molloy, Student, Claire Bethall, Student, Maeve Donnelly, Habitat for Humanity NI.]

L-R - Orlaigh McIntyre, Mammoth, Jodie Young, Mammoth, Craig King, Student, Aine Molloy, Student, Claire Bethell, Student, Maeve Donnelly, Habitat for Humanity NI.

The campaign is due to go live in September, so keep a look out for it, and if you can spare the time, why not pick up the phone and volunteer to support this great cause?

The winning campaign

Local agencies who gave up their time to support this year’s student workshops were: Ardmore advertising, ASG, AV Browne Group, Genesis Advertising, Mammoth and RLA Group.

L-R Orlaigh McIntyre, Mammoth, Barry Maddox, RLA, Lee Morrow, AV Browne, Stephen Morris, Ardmore, Maeve Donnelly, Habitat for Humanity NI, Karen Barr, ASG, Kirk Moffat, ASG

Liam McComish, Judge and VIScom tutor had this to say about the programme:

“This initiative is a fantastic opportunity for the students to get a glimpse inside agency life and see if they want to be part of it in the future. Not only that, they also get the chance to meet agency professionals who can help build and influence their career when they graduate. Since its launch in 2008, students participating in the workshops have secured placements and even jobs within various agencies who mentored them – this type of opportunity is priceless for the students on the CAM and VIScom courses. Long may it continue to go from strength to strength.”

L-R Jacqueline Cullen RLA & PANI, Tony Axon, Navigator Blue & PANI Chairman, Stephen Morris, Ardmore & PANI, Maeve Donnelly, Habitat for Humanity, Keri Heatlie, Clear Channel & PANI, Aodheen O’Donnell, University of Ulster, Fiona McMahon, University of Ulster, Liam McComish, University of Ulster.

Student Workshops – 2010

PANI & University of Ulster team, industry speakers & student representative L-R Dr Aodheen O’Donnell, University of Ulster; Liam McComish, University of Ulster; Jackie Cullen, Fire IMC & PANI; Tony Axon, PANI Chairman; Keri Martin, ClearChannel; Darcie Graham, AV Browne Group; Celina Stretz, 2010 workshop student; Jeremy Poots, Mammoth.

Now in its third year, the PANI & University of Ulster Student Workshops are well established in the world of marketing & advertising.

This fantastic initiative has been designed to help give the next generation of designers, writers, directors & marketers a real insight into agency life. More importantly, in today’s economic climate, it will help introduce students to potential employers when they graduate!

One of the students from last year’s winning team had this to say about the whole experience:

“The PANI project gave me a fantastic insight into the ad industry. It was exciting, challenging and fun, and I really enjoyed the whole process. Getting to peek into a real life agency and see what goes on behind the scenes was so valuable and inspirational”.

– Lindzi Ellis, 2010 student

At the launch last week, leading industry representatives gave students from the School of Communication and the School of Art & Design an insight into the various roles available within an advertising agency to inspire them to sign-up for this year’s workshop. Not that they needed much enticing! After the lecture finished, students were invited to take away a registration form to participate in the workshops – needless to say there were a lot of excited students. And if last year’s interest is anything to go by, there might not be enough places to go around.

At the end of April, all registered students will be put into teams, and set a brief by PANI. Over the next 4-5 weeks, the students will be mentored by professionals from one of the five participating agencies, ending in a pitch by the team to a panel of judges – just like real life. Following this, the winners are announced at an exhibition showcasing all the work.

Last year the student teams produced some fantastic work, and the close involvement with their mentor agencies was extremely beneficial.

One of the judges on last year’s panel had this to say about the calibre of the work produced:

“Last year the effort was a credit to all the students involved, the mentors and the university. The teams worked hard and their enthusiasm was so infectious that it was a tough decision to decide on a winner. Long may it continue to get stronger and stronger”.

– Micheal Keenan, 2010 Judge, Yellow Brick Road Communications

Local agencies generously giving up their time and experience to support this year’s PANI & University of Ulster Student Workshop include: Ardmore Advertising, AV Browne Group, FireIMC, Genesis Advertising and Mammoth.

2010 Student Workshop winners. Front row student team L-R Coleen Fitzsimmons, Sean McCafferty, Jonathan Fleck, Dan Farnan & Celina Stretz. Back Row L-R Douglas King, Action Cancer; Jackie Cullen, PANI; Navigator Blue’s mentor team - Tony Axon, Conor Kelly, Liane Goldring & Marco McKay.